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heart mathsIt knows! It just knows! It’s like it’s being said: it has its own intelligence and it knows. It doesn’t doubt, even if everything around does it. It doesn’t know how, when, why, but it KNOWS. It has its own logic and even if there are a lot of unknown values in this entire system of values and emotions, and no matter how many addition or subtraction operations the mind will do to find out these values, the final result will be always the same: LOVE. This is the only constant for it.

Run and it will catch you. Hide and it will still “see” you. Throw it away and it will come back to you like a boomerang. Deny it and it will burn you deep inside with its truth. Its own truth! Ignore it and it will blind you with its light and its sound will be deafening. Smash it and it will rise from its own ashes. Try to replace it and you’ll make it irreplaceable.

But… walk with it and it will make you fly. Open the “door” and it will hide in the palm of your hands. Hold it tight and it will take you high. Accept it and it will make you shine brighter than a diamond. Pay attention to it and it will bring back your peace and silence. Rise it and it will fall at your feet. Keep it and it will replace your past with the future.

Because trying NOT TO, only makes you love it more… because “there is no pill help you forget”… and “no matter how far, couldn’t be much more from the heart”…

It just knows… and “nothing else matters”…