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We need food. To survive… We need food. And water and air… and then depending on each person, the needs split in different ways… but basically we need air, water and food in order to survive. Too much or too less of each of these will always create health issues, but we need them. It depends on us to find the right “dosage” fit to our body, to keep us healthy. Sometimes we eat because we know that it is time to do that, sometimes because we are ill and we need energy to fight with a disease, sometimes because it’s like an addiction and we can’t stop eating, but basically we eat when we feel that we are hungry. And one thing is for sure. We stop eating? In the end we die.

Mind and soul need also food. Another type of food, but they need it too. foodIt’s a proven fact that In order to keep your mind healthy you should never give up reading, or learning something new. You shouldn’t give up using your neurons. It’s like an use- create- maintain type of cycle.  I like to learn. Not necessary for the benefits I could get in case I’d use what I learn, but the process itself fascinates me. I like to check my limits when it comes to what my mind can “swallow and digest” when it comes to new things, information, experiences to learn.  Cause one thing I know for sure: we stop learning, then neurons start to die. And that for me equals to death anyway.

The same process takes place with my soul. I don’t know how it works for other people, what is it or not enough for them, but I need soul food. Listening a sad song in my days full of sorrow, or on the contrary a happy one when I remember to be grateful for being so lucky and blessed to get in the end what I’ve always wanted to have, a walk in the woods, chatting with a dear friend or member of my family, spending time with my child, reading a book in a store full of books, listening the whispers of the wind where the water flows or enjoying the presence of some colleagues at a party, an email from a friend from abroad, a spontaneous meeting with a man who used to be part of my life, or spending quality time and letting my weaknesses and strengths to be seen by the man I fell in love with…

In other words, I need love. In all its forms. To give it and to receive it. I need them both. That’s my soul food.  And one thing I know for sure: if when it comes to food for my body, I don’t need too much in order to survive, my soul is like a new born baby. It constantly asks for food: love and attention. And it doesn’t accept small slices from it. Oh no! It needs big bites from each of the ingredients mentioned above. And it needs them all! Not in the same day, but it needs them all. Not just one … but then again, it needs “silence”, so it can “digest” what it just received.

Only this way I can grow… in LOVE.