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“I don’t find it! I don’t even know how it should look like anyway!” she said to herself and she pulled over. She decided to wait few minutes so the dust could rise and vanish in the atmosphere. She looked through the windshield and sighed. SILENCE. She put her both hands on the steering wheel and left her head down. The sun was about to go down and she felt that it is time to take a break from her long trip. She was HUNGRY.

She took a look around to get the clear picture upon the place where she stopped the car. On the left side: trees about to get the new colors of the spring. And a fountain. A small white fountain with a beautiful shape of two lovers in a sweet embrace. But with no water. Few meters away, on the right side, she saw a little road with small white houses.

“I think I could find something there… “. She stopped the engine of the car and took a short look in the rear-view mirror. Her big brown eyes were shining in a way that made her saying: “Oh boy! Are you HUNGRY or what?”

In the minute she stepped out of the car, she was surprised to see a grey low flying pigeon. For few seconds she had a weird feeling as if it was showing her the way where to go. It disappeared over the white houses, so she decided to take that PATH. She passed somehow with a bit of fear by the first house and saw the light in what she supposed to be a living room. Through the windows’ curtains she saw two shadows. An old man and an old woman were dancing together on the rhythm of a slow song. She smiled and initially she had the impulse to go back to her car and continue her trip, but she was so HUNGRY that she didn’t listen that impulse.

She looked ahead and she saw plenty of other houses, with different colors. She took few more steps and a group of young people came out of a house with mixed colors: blue, red, yellow… dark green, violet… the boys were caring the girls on their backs and they all were laughing in a crazy, but funny way. “They must be drunk” the girl said to herself, smiling and remembering the days she had their age too.  One of the boys from the group looked at her, he smiled and then whispered something in the ear of another boy right next to him. While their long dancing shadows were losing their shape on the street, the girl could have heard the sound of music coming out of the house with mixed colors.

For a second she was tempted to go inside of the house, but instead she started to dance… right there, in the street. She looked at the already dark sky and she started to spin. Her white skirt was describing white circles. Her soft, beautiful hands were raising into the sky with slow, but graceful moves, as if they were trying to catch the light of a star only she was seeing it on the sky.

She didn’t notice, but by the time the music stopped, a man with a cream cowboy hat in his hand came out of the colorful house. He was still looking at her dancing with sweet, wild, but somehow soft moves when she had the strange feeling she was not alone on the street anymore. She stopped, left her beautiful hands down and she looked the Stranger straight into his shinning eyes.

Few short seconds of eye contact, but long enough to paint her soul with a beautiful rainbow. The sudden, teasing fever she felt it in her chest forced her to start breathing faster. A wild, burning fire deep inside of her body made her instinctively to open a little bit her sweet mouth. She would have kissed him. Right there. Right in that moment. She could have done that. She wanted to do that. But didn’t move an inch. It was then when he smiled in the most beautiful and wild way at her. It was like he read her mind and he enjoyed what he found there. It was obvious: he wanted it too.

Like a weird coincidence the DJ started to play the next song.

He smiled even more, hearing it and looked in his right side. She didn’t know why, but the girl felt the need suddenly to look down. She couldn’t look into his eyes anymore. The painful desire she felt for the Stranger was overwhelming her.

Few minutes later the music stopped. He put the hat on his head, looked one more time at the girl with big brown eyes and he vanished like a dream in the dawn. She looked after him for few seconds, touched her lips with the fingers of her right hand and whispered as if she didn’t want to break the silence of that magical night:

“Hmmm… no shadow! Who are you, STRANGER? Who are you?“