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“What is it in fact love? Now seriously!! You keep on talking so nice about it, but I see no connection of it in real life… in reality there is no such force that could move mountains in the name of love. I see people who got used with each other, who have the same life objectives and they make it work or not. But love? At this degree of romance? Common?!! You are way too intelligent to believe this crap. This kind of love it’s an illusion! Just as simple as that! Not mentioning that once caught in this dream you suffer like hell… who knows? Maybe you’ll go also nuts!”

The girl looked at her companion that she was about to leave behind and she smiled. She smiled first with her big brown eyes, and then with her entire face. She couldn’t help wondering how come she woke up such trouble in her friend’s soul. At the end of the day, everybody is free to choose to believe in whatever he/she likes to.

“I understand where you’re coming from! I thought also that it doesn’t exist something different, something more… trust me… my mind came with same arguments as yours and the interior conflict was very heavy to endure and deal with… but in front of my stubborn heart, it failed! And there is nothing that you or anybody else could do or say about it. If you ask me, it’s a matter of time… ”

“Wasted time, if you allow me to tell you! No man nor woman deserves such a regal treatment! It will take you nowhere. You’ll see! You should be more selfish!”

The girl looked naughty with her big brown eyes to her almost angry friend and she whispered in her ear, while she was kissing her Goodbye: “I am already selfish! And I’ve been already through hell! Now I am just waiting for my piece of heaven!”

Then she got in the car, looked through the windshield, turned the radio on, looked one more time at her companion and before she pressed the acceleration she said: “You have to wait… until you’re uncovered. You have to wait with someone naked. And then you have to wait some more.”- (Lie with me)

She disappeared then in a cloud of dust, driving towards west, while the wild music was cutting the silence of the blue almost spring sky.