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“What is it that you prefer: a spontaneous wild moment, so called “quickie” or a romantic evening, with dinner planned as a prelude when it comes to sex?”

Something like that sounded the question of a guy from radio the other days… it was early in the morning and women who called to get on air had to answer to it.

Their first reaction? Laughing naughty and a bit shy they all said: “Oh, my Gooood!!! What a question?!!” (Yeahh!! Dude! Shame on you! What an indecent question!! I wonder though what they all were doing on air if they didn’t want to answer it!)

Their second reaction? Silence and thinking loooooong!

Their final answer? “Looong, looooong romantic evening, with looooong, looooong dinner and eventually a loooong, loooong massage and etc etc”

By the end of the answers, I was already yawning. And last time I checked, I was still a WOMAN!! Now, without being too harsh or judgmental, I was wondering: which is the reason all those women wanted that?? (or they pretended to want that). Why would a woman prefer to sit at a table, in a fancy restaurant, talking non senses and waiting for THAT moment to happen instead of letting her wild spirit free, of being creative, spontaneous and abandoning herself to her basic instinct together with her partner while he… let’s say, would take her by behind in an intimate place… or why not in a very inappropriate one?

Cause one thing is for sure: no matter how loooooooooong the dinner and massage could be, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the act itself will be long also… so, what is it that these women are looking for in fact? To get the guy tired so they could “get over with” faster? Or maybe they are looking for a wrongly understood type of respect? Kind of “I am a lady and I am a very hard to get one… Buuuuuutt!! If you manage to do your best and tell me all sort of things to entertain and manipulate me and then also pay for the dinner, then MAYYYYYBEEEEE I’ll give you the green light!!” Isn’t that in fact another way to say that if the man wants to sleep with her, he’ll have to pay, but in a romantic way?

On the other side… why wasting time? Why teasing a fire that it is supposed to be already there from the minute you looked into that man’s eyes? Why making efforts to create chemistry when at least at the beginning this should come naturally?? Why putting yourself through miserable waiting hours before you can taste, smell, kiss, and melt inside of the one you have chosen to have sex with?

So you don’t look like an easy to get woman? Are women so insecure? Do they need a sort of approval that what they do it is not wrong? It’s not “dignify less”? Making the decision to have sex at first sight with a man would mean that a potential relationship with that man is already doomed? Are men so wrongly educated and have been told that a valuable woman is the one who goes to at least 3 dates with them, holding hands and talking non senses and only then having sex with them after of course, they would have paid for the dinner?

Sad and painful, if you ask me!

Sad because I see no connection between how fast a woman goes in bed with a man and the potential of building a relationship with him. Painful because I would not be able to hear, listen or understand anything from what the man would say at that dinner while my body would just ask for more. I don’t usually think straight while hormones are messing with my head.

In my opinion, romantic dinners (especially nowadays when we are living in a speedy and stressful world!!) should be dedicated to MAKING LOVE, meaning CREATING INTIMACY between partners. If the moment chosen for that is… let’s say when the woman is in “that time of the month”, even better. Both partners could actually focus on the discussion, could actually enjoy that dinner, and think on how to make things to work, instead of “Jeeez.. what should I do or say more, so I can get her in the sack faster?”

So… my final answer? Quickies. Definitely quickies!!

Still, if forced by circumstances, the best accepted “prelude” is looking in a slow motion way at the moves of a Stranger while after a short, but refreshing shower, he puts his shirt, pants, suit on, fixes his watch on his hand, and smelling God damn good, he kisses me Goodbye before going to work, having in his beautiful eyes THAT look… the “Tonight I’m loving you” kind of look…

It works like magic! 🙂