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“Great!!! Red light!” she said to herself a bit nervous, feeling already that those few seconds of waiting for the green light will mark her Soul forever. “One, two, three, four … Oh!! Common!!! Change!!“, she didn’t get to finish her thought, cause she saw him looking at her by the window of his House. It was then when she felt the need to press the acceleration, but she knew she couldn’t do this, she was forced to wait… no matter how much she wanted, she couldn’t do it, it wasn’t safe, it wasn’t her turn… even if she was in a good place, she knew it wasn’t right… so she started to look around… left… right… in front of her and then again, a bit impatient to the red light, hoping for that one to turn green faster so she could go and skip that terrible, annoying waiting moment. It was a cold, a bit windy, but still a kind winter night, and the dark sky seemed friendlier than ever to her.

Even a large street, it wasn’t full of people or cars… not in that evening at least. She turned the radio on, keep on looking at the red light, but right in the very next second she turned it off immediately. Weird, but she couldn’t stand any sound now. No music, no thoughts, no action… she could have felt only her heart which was beating fast, but in a very sweet rhythm which she started to describe with her fingers on the steering wheel of the car.

clear water“Et voila!”, the light turned green, and while looking in the direction of his House, she started the engine, getting ready to cross the street. 1 second. Not less, not more. 1 second in which her entire human being seemed to wade in the deep sea of his beautiful, shinning, childish eyes, clear like water. No anger, no fear, no doubts, no troubles in them like she used to see before…

1 second in which time seemed to stop and to give space for immortality. 1 second in which everything happened like in a slow motion movie scene. 1 magical second of Connection, of becoming one and the same person with HIM. 1 second in which she had a strange, but familiar feeling of being finally HOME. 1 second that was caught by the camera of her soul and put it in a safe corner, so she could always remember it.

1 second of kindness, compassion, joy, and childish curiosity…1 second of LOVE, 1 second of LIFE.

Few meters further she stopped the car, and while she was still trying to figure it out what did just happen, he decided for the first time, after such a long time to get out of his protective house and to come closer to her. Not a single word, not a single thought, not even a single sound. Even her heart seemed to have gone silent. Nothing to be heard, but many to “see” and feel. She was so nervous that she couldn’t show the smile of her soul. But he was so happy that he couldn’t hide his.

“This damn selective memory!!” she said naughty to herself while looking one more time into his charming eyes and hiding in her soul the precious look of a boy who lightened up like a Christmas tree from the very first second he saw his girl entering in the room.

She knew then that “It’s not Goodbye” and she couldn’t deny it…

She knew then that it would be just a matter of Time