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wanted (2)I am a “wanted” woman! Oh Sir, yes Sir! I am definitely a “wanted” woman and I am telling it without modesty because I feel very lucky, blessed and happy thanks to this reason, even if sometimes life is a bit hard exactly because of it. With or without makeup, dressed up or not, just woken up or just about to go to bed, in a grumpy mood or a happy one, single or not, it doesn’t matter! Men like to have me around them. Women…? Well… most of them avoid me because of this reason. But, it’s understandable… so, no hard feelings! 🙂

It has been always like that… since I was just a little girl, I liked to play with boys more than with girls and… no, I haven’t been and I am not that kind of popular girl who would have thousands of girl-friends. To be honest, I couldn’t care less because of that… but I am also not the one who has a “fun- list” with men, even if I admit: I really like flirting with straight, attractive men. Flirting always brought to me a very good mood, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way.

“Intelligent, attractive, but single… it must be a problem there!”, I am being told very often by men lately as if it’s like you have a disease or something if you choose to be single… I smile each time I hear that because I know where the problem is in fact. I am not going to be theirs, so I must have a problem then.

It’s like in traffic: when you drive too slow, even if you respect the rules, you could disturb and annoy some other participants to the traffic who are in a hurry to reach their destination.

The truth? I am not looking for anything, that’s the problem! 🙂 Why? Because I have been blessed to find without looking for.

But do I WANT something? YES! LOVE! I WANT LOVE! To have it and to give it. And when I see something that I want, oh my God!!! I gotta have it! I get craaaaazy (but in a very nice way!! 🙂 ), I am changing speeds, and I am driving with 360 km/ hour, even if I know I will be punished for that. Still… no matter how crazy I get because of the adrenaline I feel while driving so fast, I always make sure that I can pay the fine! 🙂

The love game is part of myself, I enjoy it, I love it, and I can’t get enough of it!!! It makes me smile, it makes me cry, it brings me up, it puts me down, it makes me happy and miserable in the same time… “we may win or we may lose”, but it’s always worth a second try if we “seem to understand the urgency”!!!