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…it keeps changing…

We want it or not, change is happening every day. Technologies, politics, business strategies and figures, mentalities, fashion, weather, jobs, social status, friendships, partners, bodies, and of course, feelings… they all change… the speed is individual and sometimes the change might be in a good way, and other times in a bad way… but the purpose is the same: to learn what LOVE is. In all its forms.

I might say that change is my religion. I believe in it and its benefits as I believe in the fact that there is a superior force that is leading us all. No matter how scary, how uncomfortable and unpleasant might be sometimes, I still believe that change is the best gift we could have ever received from the Universe. No matter how your past was, you have all the time the chance to become a better person, if you learn the lessons life gives you as a present… it’s like you have all the time the opportunity to live the miracle of reaching the best version of yourself… all you have to do is to open your eyes, your mind and your soul.

Let the process of change to happen, to take you there where you are supposed to be: in the center of your human being, in your heart. More you’ll fight, more you’ll disagree with the process, more you’ll insist to be centered in your mind, instead of your heart, more you’ll suffer and you’ll be brought in the same point you’ve been before until you will understand the message that life has for you… the only way to go through the process as easier as possible is to accept that everything that happens around and inside you is for a reason and all you have to do is to let yourself go with the flow… the flow of life.

Change could happen on vertical or horizontal… it could go up into the sky, or it could fall from the sky… the sky of our soul… it could bring along a colorful rainbow of feelings, or it could turn off and on the music of your soul… it could go fast or it could go slowly… it could put you down in your knees or it could take you high… it could turn you into ashes or it could make you shine like a diamond…

But no matter what, no matter how, no matter when, at some point, LOVE will happen, with or without someone’s mind approval… because “LOVE is simply the force that imbues all of life”.