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I wish it could have been possible to see how I looked like when I took the first STEPS in my life… or at least to have the possibility to remember that… too bad that it is not possible…

In life, generally speaking, I am a very fast decision maker, most of the times I know what I WANT and I do my best to get it… but in order to get it, I like to use the small steps strategy… I am extremely patient, I walk slowly, I like to plan, I like the process of building/ creating new things, reaching new objectives, and maybe this why I’ve started my life from zero many times…  I work hard every time to get everything I want, I never take something for granted, but I never stop also when voices around me are telling me to do so….

Why? Because I am addicted to the great feeling I have each time I SUCCEED, there where others are afraid to even think about… and even if it sounds so, it is not a matter of ego, of wanting to prove something, but of… just being me… I get bored easily, so I need great challenges all the time… this is what makes me UNPREDICTABLE, I guess… On the other hand, if things come too easy, believe it or not, I don’t like it… I just don’t…

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But when I fall in LOVE… well… there, my second name could be RUSH LOVE… I don’t waste TIME, I don’t plan, I don’t think, I’m spontaneous, I get literally out of my MIND and my headquarters move to the HEART… there I sprint… there I take big steps… huge steps, with a speed that might frighten you, but it could make you also to do things you’ve never done before… it could make you CRAZY, but in a very nice way!! 🙂

Still, even if I rush, I have patience to get where I want… it is not about not having patience as someone once told me, but about the fact that I like the speed of love and its magical ways to make you lose your minds, while you reach the borders of your body and soul…  At this chapter, I like to step out of the so called NORMALITY, I don’t RESPECT rules, I don’t LISTEN, I don’t WAIT for the green light, I don’t like looking for or giving too many SIGNS, I just CROSS the roads of one’s heart with the speed of the wind, creating a huge STORM, with thunders and rain like those in a very hot summer…

Because when I am in love, all I want is to get ON THE OTHER SIDE… there where IT IS TOO LATE… there where real, deep, true LOVE happens… 🙂