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Jobs, friends, relationships… the best words to define me at this chapter would be: I WANT and I COMMIT myself to give my best to make it work… I’ll put all my passion and my love into it, and my mind, body and soul will constantly work for that purpose…

When it comes for love? For me it doesn’t exist a MAYBE commitment… either you are into it, either you are not… in case of a crush, yes, there is enough space for MAYBE… But in love? It is the best way to hurt and confuse a woman… it is like when a man asks a woman after they’ve just had sex and he’s out: “Did you come?” and she replies “MAYBE! LET’S SEE!… are you still IN?” How awful is that?

So, I don’t believe in man’s fear of commitment because the fear of losing her should be higher than the one of being with her… just with her!

On the other side, I agree that sometimes the sky might be grey, but that should not last forever… night doesn’t also last forever… Love confuses us all, but in my view, at some point, MAYBE should always become a YES or a NO… any other option, especially coming from the side of a man, it is in the best scenario a sign of weakness, of his incapacity to be responsible and make decisions. Not too attractive to see that in a man if you ask me, because a family means basically MAKING DECISIONS, so what can you do with one who doesn’t even know what he really wants?

The worst scenarios? This MAYBE coming from the man it is a way to manipulate you in order to stay as long as possible in your pants, while he has no serious thoughts about you, or a clear evidence that you are the second choice, plan B in case it doesn’t work with the woman he already picked before you… or he is just not that into you so much, but he’s a player and he likes to see you around, loving and adoring him, so he is naive and cocky enough to believe that just because you love him, and you are crazy about him, you’ll never leave him behind… what a childish thought!