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I think I was 18 years old when I started to be aware of it… when I saw that I like it… no, I take that back!!… when I saw that I really enjoy having and using it… when I’ve understood that either you have it, either not… either you are born with it, either not… it is not something you can fake or some skill you could learn by practice… No! Definitely not! But it is something you have it inside of you…

hunting lioness (2)In my case, it takes only few seconds…. sometimes even less… it’s all I need… few seconds… and it starts…it’s almost like a spontaneous combustion… it grows fast inside of me in the same way the flames of a summer fire camp go up, high into the sky… in that moment I feel the flow of the sexual energy and the warmth spreading inside of my body with the speed of the light, normal thinking stops, and the only things I hear are the way I breathe- heavily, the way my heart beats- very fast, and my single thought: “I gotta have this guy!”

My entire body language speaks for itself in that moment: legs and arms position, constant eyes contact, the poverty of words and my look which seems extremely serious, but in fact I am focused… in fact, I am enjoying the wild chemistry between me and the man whose hunting challenge I’ve just accepted, I am enjoying the sweet fever going up and down through my entire body, I try to smell him even if from distance, I have flashes with the third eye of my body with the way we just lose ourselves in this flow of energy and unleash our basic, wild, almost animal instinct until we become vulnerable enough to let ourselves melt inside of each other and reach the orgasm.

Now…it doesn’t mean I go for it right in that second… oh no!… there is a big difference between what I “see” and what I really do in that moment… the process is a bit more complex further and I would want to get to know a bit the man (basic stuff like: single, not single, married, not married, gay or not etc), to play using words or not, to give time to get in the right moment and in the right place…

Of course, for that to happen it takes a special type of connection, made in the first place using the eyes contact, a special type of body, a special type of chemistry, a special type of ass (Oh yeah!… that counts also!! …it is the fifth thing I look at, after eyes, mouth, fingers and nails)

The bad news? It doesn’t happen too often to find what I like…

The good news? When I find it…

“To stop me is not easy
Can’t keep a lion from hunting
I’m focused, I won’t miss
There’s no control of some things”- Iio- Kiss you