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“It won’t come down, if you don’t press the button…”

In that moment, the girl moved slowly her head to her right side and as if she was just about to wake up from a deep sleep, she looked surprised at the old lady, distracted somehow by her wrinkled, sad face, but lightened a bit by the blue eyes… It was just a flash moment, but when she looked into those blue eyes, she felt like years of anger have been hidden behind them in order to survive, but never to forget or forgive…

“It won’t come down, if you don’t press the button”… the old lady said again, but this time she seemed obviously irritated by the girl’s lack of will to press the button.

“I beg your pardon?” the girl replied kindly, while with her brown eyes she was trying to cross the anxious land behind the old lady’s eyes…

“I SAID, it won’t come down, if you don’t press the button. Are you deaf or something?”

“No, I am not, but I must admit that I am a bit confused.”

“Oh…and why is that?… You want to go up, don’t you? So.. if you want to go up, you have to press the button, and so it comes down… Is it your first time using an elevator or what?” The girl felt the sarcasm into the old lady’s voice, but she replied calm, smiling at her:

“Aham… I understand.. No.. it is not…” She waited few seconds, looked at the button, then at the old lady and she said “ I am sorry, I don’t want to be rude… but are you in a hurry or something? You seem to have a respectable age…”

The blue eyes widened all of the sudden and extremely pissed off the old lady said: “Oh…what a nerve… young ignorant woman with no respect for old people”… this time without waiting for the girl’s response, she took the initiative and pressed the button… The black button turned into a red button, but the elevator didn’t come… not immediately… it was full of people going up…


The girl looked amused at the old lady, she smiled again at her because of the useless effort to get angry for no reason, adding probably a new wrinkle on her soul if not on her face, and let the music she was hearing in her headphones to carry her away…

After few long seconds, the elevator came down and while it took them up, the girl couldn’t help thinking at that button… such a simple thing, but with such an important job to do… to take you up… or down.. it depends where you want to go… such a small piece moving a gigantic tool like an elevator…just a button… but with such a heavy, huge responsibility behind…

The elevator went up… and it stopped at the first floor… the doors opened, the girl got off, but she looked one more time at lady with blue eyes who was moving very slow behind her, she smiled and then headed to the train… it was already there…she managed to get in, in the very last second, found a place to sit and while looking at the train station left behind she smiled and said to herself:

“Maybe I don’t want to press the button… maybe… just maybe… I am waiting for someone else to do it.”