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something differentThey are like two rocks rising into the blurred sky of their hearts… keep trying to reach each other’s inner child with their strength, dreams, disappointments, hopes, fears, ambition, kindness, ego, will, principles, courage, cowardliness, wild desire, passionate rejection, love, hate…and then again love.

They are “looking”, admiring from distance, somehow saying Hi! and smiling to each other in the virtual world of their thoughts, hanging on that, but not daring to step forward, not daring to come closer, to touch or smell each other like they did once, to step to the next level, from “Connecting” to “Connected”…

Reasons? … thousands and none… all as stupid and fragile as both of them are… starting with their childish need of attention and constantly flirting, playing mood and ending with the fear of not being hurt, of not losing their apparently freedom, of losing themselves in the gap of love…

No move, no hero in her sky, no savior for his troubled and full of doubts soul… just silence… But every single day they “see” each other, time seems to stop for few seconds, few minutes and all they can hear is the beat of their own heart….

They could be bad and they know it… they could be good and they know that too… but in the end, after many failed attempts to fill the gap of space and time between them, to control or to make themselves heard and listened by the other one, they’ve chosen to let the silence to speak in their behalf…

Crazy, but who would have thought that despite the fighting, despite the denial, despite the powerful conflict between their minds, souls and bodies, the swing of silence would be the key to get closer, not to fall into the gap of love, but to consciously accept and step into it?

Frightening, but who would have thought that “to lose balance sometimes for love is a part of living a balanced life”?losing balance

Unreal, but who would have thought that they would be lucky enough to have the chance to see with their own eyes, to touch with their own hands, to kiss with their own lips, to smell with their own nose, to have in their own arms, in a magical night, on a magical hill, something they’ve given up on hope to ever find, something they would have never thought it even exists on this planet… something different… something more… something them

Who would have thought, Stranger? Who?