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“In life there is always a choice… to be good or to be bad… to love or to hate… to be a friend or a lover… to be a doer or a dreamer… and so on… ”, she whispered in her mind, with a sarcastic look on her face, while she was keep looking after the signs…

Bored and tired of the long way, of the many hours she was driving and of the same silent landscape, she turned the radio on and while looking by the car windshield, she started to hum the song she was hearing:

“Baby in our wildest moments we could be the greatest/ Baby in our wildest moments we could be the worst of all… Everyone must be wondering why we try, why do we try!!?!”

“Right… I don’t know why I try, that’s for sure…” she smiled very naughty, in a corner of her mouth and changed the radio frequency.

“Oh I beg you… can I follow? Oh I ask you… why not always? …be my only, be the water where I’m wading…. You’re my river running high, run deep, run wild… I-I follow…I follow you… deep sea baby, I follow you”… this one she sang out loud in her car, with her mouth wide open and feeling each lyrics right in her heart…

It was a sunny, but cold day… that kind of day in between autumn and winter… that kind of day when you know that this is it! It will come… the inevitable will happen… the cold, mean winter will come and freeze everything, making all white and silent.

“… the wild moments, the secrets to tell to the river, the passionate kisses, the hungry bodies, the friendship… what….” she didn’t get the chance to finish the phrase in her head because she needed to stop the car. She looked on the right side of the road and her brown eyes widened: she had found the signs. The so long expected signs.

“Now what, pretty lady? Hmm… now what? Oh, boy! You are in deeeeeppp trouble!!“ she said to herself and while looking to the traffic signs, not knowing what to do, she had been distracted by the last song at the radio. She listened to it charmed by the unbelievable timing of it, as if the Universe was trying to give her the answer she was looking for… “Do you hear me? Do you want me? Baby it’s all or nothing now!”

At the end of the song she smiled looking at the already sunset, turned the radio off and started the engine, leaving the main road and driving slowly on the one from the right side, heading straight to the sunset… she was feeling tired, but confident and somehow, in that moment her brown eyes shined brighter in the light of that autumn colorful sunset… She had found the way!