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“You forced me to play dirty… that’s how good you are”- Pierce Brosnan, Laws of attraction

Life is a miracle, if you ask me… and I agree with those who said that. But I’d say it is also a project: it starts at a point, it finishes in another, you have different milestones to reach, different ways to touch your objectives (dreams), a lot of risks, costs, but also satisfactions and the overall quality of it depends on how well you know to use in time your resources.

But also, in my opinion, if life is a project, then love is a game. And it has different levels: flirting phase, seduction phase, in love phase, adjusting one with each other phase, couple phase, marriage phase, creating a new life phase, enjoying life as a family phase.

All the levels, like all the human being ages have their charm, their sweet bitter taste, but also their major risk: the breaking up and the end of love. They don’t necessarily come together. We can break up with someone, but to still feel love for that person.

Personally, from psychological complexity point of view, I like the adjusting one with each other phase. It fascinates me. The process of getting to know the rules to respect and the rules to break. Trying to discover the other one, understanding the way he thinks, feels. Having the courage to go into his mind jungle and let yourself in purpose getting lost, just to feel him… to find his path, and way to his heart. I love the process. I love the beauty of both souls in this phase! No masks, just letting yourself be phase. Is like frosting a diamond or discovering gold.

And yes… it is a hard work. Discouraging and sometimes painful. And sometimes, during this phase you need to play dirty. You need to push limits to take the best out of both of you. You need to test the waters, to find the red buttons, the fears, so you can know how far you can go. And you don’t need to take anything of what is happening in this phase personal. Easy to say, hard to do it… because funny, but it is personal matter…  but always try to remember in this phase that:

“If I want to “kill” you, it doesn’t mean I don’t love and respect you”- Pierce Brosnan, Laws of attraction

the game of love