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To whom it might concern

The emotional punching! I’m good at it… In fact, I’m so good that I almost feel bad in most of the cases because of the ruins I leave behind when using it. In time, I worked with myself a lot at this chapter, so I’ve learned how to control, analyse, to interpret and how to avoid those kind of situations that force me to use it…

Still, sometimes I am challenged. Sometimes I am being pushed too hard. Sometimes I reach my zen harmony limits and I take the “Come to Daddy” challenge with no second thoughts. It’s like in war. You don’t think anymore, you just want to feel the smell of the “enemy’s blood”…. a metaphorical blood, of course. 🙂

“You have a little man inside of you” or “Oh my God, woman, did you live between men or something?” or “How come you can speak like a man?” or “Crazy woman”… I heard them all and many others… To be honest, I am also amazed of myself seeing what I am capable of when being put in danger from emotional point of view, when somebody is trying to hurt me.

The reason why he tries to do that, it doesn’t matter to me too much in those moments. If I feel the smell of the danger, my survival instinct wakes up, adrenaline goes high and I hit… and now, it depends on the “enemy”: if it is about a young, but professional warrior, with a fight technique very well learned by heart, I just hit chaotically, just to confuse him and usually he doesn’t know how to defend exactly because I seem extremely stupid in the way I hit… so, he’s taken by surprise cause none of my moves fits to his fighting rules and by the time he figures me out, I’ve already put him down.

But if it is about someone who has life experience and a bit of perversity in the way he acts and thinks, for sure he will be the one who will put me down first… in this stage, usually I get punched really hard, but I won’t punch back to defend. Not too hard at least. But I’ll push his limits to get him in that point he will not be able to control his anger anymore, I’ll let him do his worst to see how far he can go. Surprisingly, at the end of his anger, even wounded, I will still be able to smile because I just found somebody to learn from. I just found gold.

Proceeding this way is pretty dangerous though. I admit. You need courage and a very good smell when it comes to the other one. You never know what he is capable of when he is not controlling himself anymore. The emotional damage you could get in the fight, could be undone. So you decide what to do: run and hide or stay out in the storm.

But one thing is for sure: no matter how fragile I might look like, no matter how weak and vulnerable I might be afterward, if he challenges me twice, just for fun, taking me as a fool, thinking that he beat me once, so he can do it one more time, well… I’ll hit him hard, right in his Achilles heel and the only thing left for me to say in the end will be:

… how come I can do that? Simple! I’ve just learned from THE BEST! 🙂