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“What’s a woman without a man? 

What’s a woman when a man doesn’t stand by her side? When he has secrets to hide? When a man makes her feel like a fool? When right turns to wrong?

What’s a woman when she doesn’t go by man’s rules? When all those dreams from the past, faded so fast? When she crossed her heart he would never, ever mislead her again?”

What’s a woman who held with stubbornness and a bit of madness on the ghosts past, thinking that their love was meant to last? What’s a woman who fought till the last moment with her deepest fears concerning a man, hanging with her finger nails on her courage so she can do that? When she let herself be opened, vulnerable, weak, and strong in front of that man?

What’s a woman when a man is too afraid of losing himself when being with her?

bubblesFor that man? She’s a bubble… a colorful, burning bubble, somehow different than his
blue, lightening bubble, but still a bubble… and he will watch it floating in the same Universe, sometimes closer to him, but not too close, sometimes further, but not too far, longing for it, but choosing to never mix one with each other, never melt inside of each other again, never touch, smell, or feel each other’s heart beats, never to dance or to create together a love drop, full of passion, dreams, hopes, good or bad things, full of… life…

For others? She’s a mystery to solve… a challenge to reach her, to find her way, to touch and feel her in their arms, to understand her, to love and hate her…

But in reality? She is just “a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”