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6:30 a.m. …she opened her eyes and looked around… her cozy room was looking different that morning… everything was spinning around as if it was in accordance with the tornado she had in her soul, growing higher and higher inside of her during the last night…

“Auuuch!!!…” she touched her head while trying to get up, being afraid that if she didn’t do that, it would fall down or something… it seemed to be heavy and everything inside of it extremely painful…

At some point, she got off the bed and walked through the room with slow moves to look by the window.

“Hmm… it will rain today. It will definitely rain today!” she said with a sad look, talking by herself.

She went lazy in the shower and let the water to fall over her body… suddenly she felt like crying, so she turned off the shower and covered her eyes… she took a deep breath and said out loud: “God damn it!!… You are such a sissy!”. Then she turned on the shower again, finished it and continued her morning ritual while she was looking from time to time worried by the window at the grey clouds on the sky…

By the lunch time she arrived in the place she was supposed to be in that special day. The sky was still grey, but it was warm and it wasn’t raining yet.

She took a look at the big clock hanging on the old wall of the train station. Exactly on time!

“This is it! Few minutes more and soon it will be over!” she said to herself while she was checking with automatic moves her phone, hoping to see a sign that she was doing the right thing. Buses, cars, people talking… everything around her seemed to move in slow motion just like her thoughts. Her brown childish eyes were trying to see as further as possible, and her nose to smell any flavors she used to know… Nothing! Just the silent noise of the world living 15 normal minutes from its life and the deafening sound of her heart beats. The clock of her body was ticking in a way that made her feel dizzy and sick at her stomach.

15 minutes and no sign! Nothing online, nothing around… nothing!

She left heading to the train station, keep looking at the grey, heavy sky. Arrived there, she sat down on a bench to wait for the train to come. It was then when she started to cry, but this time she didn’t cover her eyes. She didn’t care of all those people looking at her with compassion, but also with a strange curiosity. She was washing her soul of the dark fears she had to bear the entire night waiting for this moment to happen. She was crying the end, but she was saluting the beginning.

Finally it was over! Finally she was free! She finally found the strength to go out there and face the dark side of the ugly truth: the dream was over! The love, the fight, the inside demons and fears were over.

Tears were falling down on her face and she looked amazed at the sky. It started to rain with small drops, very fast, but it was more like a drizzle than like a normal rain. She smiled inside of her mind… she wasn’t alone! The nature was showing her its support by reflecting her feelings.

The train came and she got in, looking with her brown, wet eyes around to see a corner where she could continue to cry her pain till the end of the tears. She found it in the back of the wagon, so she sat there looking by the window to the water drops falling down from the sky.

By the time the afternoon came, the rain stopped and so her tears. She looked at the blue sky and she smiled feeling as if the warm, shinning autumn sun was smiling back at her, touching kindly her face.

She knew then that she will always remember that September day.