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When being in love, I do many stupid things… stupid if we take the definition based on mind’s standards and logic… based on my soul standards, they are wonderful… I created in time moments that I will never forget and even after years they are still making me smile. When being in love, I action, I become creative, I have energy to “play”, but though I seem to be eager, I have such a patience in waiting for the right things to happen, that even a snail could envy me for that…

I think fast, sometimes I action even faster than I think, and all that is based on a feeling… I have vision, but I like building life like a puzzle… I don’t like things which come on an easy way and this why I feel a childish joy each time my dreams come true after a long time of waiting for that to happen… I am anything, but ordinary at this chapter and I’ve been often told that I am crazy. I might be! But for sure I am crazy in a very nice way 🙂

love and pride

I LOVE TO LOVE the man- if it is about a special man!!- totally, completely, entirely abandoning myself to him with no ego barriers and fears… it is what makes me happy… I am not made for the “princess” role who is waiting for Prince Charming…  it’s just not for me… Why? Because I really, really believe that love is stronger than pride, and I think that even a woman when she’s touched by love, she should be capable of anything for the man she loves, exactly because she is driven by it and not by pride…

In the end, let’s say that I’m more like Fiona than Cinderella… so for this reason, I am more looking for my Shrek than a Prince Charming. And this being told, I can’t help thinking: what is my Shrek doing just in this very moment? Does he have a pride moment? I wonder 🙂