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the way you make me feel

Dear Stranger,

I made my mind up! I literally made my mind up! …and body… and soul… they are all made up! YOU TURN ME ON! Did I ever tell you that? If not, I’ll tell it now: you knock me off my feet!!!

From physical, intellectual and spiritual point of view. You excite me with the wild sweet smell of your body, you attract me with your intriguing way of thinking and acting, and I really feel drawn by your thrilling cocktail of feelings. A THREESOME! A wonderful threesome in which all- mind-body-soul- seem to be on the same line. They all want this beautiful “product of loveliness”, they all want you.

The way you make me feel?

Sensual like a sweet, expensive chocolate. Light like a bee. Wild like a lioness. Fragile like a violet. Faithful like a silly, lovely dog. Naughty like a boy. Shy like a girl. Eager like a thunder. Kind like the spring sun. Sharp like a lightning. Refreshing like a summer rain. Crystal cold like a snow flake. Hot like fire. Intense like a storm. Tender like a mother. Strong like an old tree. Weak like a twig. Mysterious like a twilight. Opened like a book. Sad like winter leaves and happy like a fool.

I float each day through life on my soul’s high heels without having the perception of time and space. I smile all by myself, walking on the streets just thinking about you and I cry like a baby when missing you too much.

The way you make me feel? Myself. 🙂