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I stayed couple of hours to look at this picture… I love it! It’s amazing! And I couldn’t help sharing it because of its message… the one that I see in it, of course 🙂 It expresses so much love, protection, tenderness, fear, doubt and rejection in the same time, that it fascinates me… fear to let her closer to him, doubt that he really accepts and love her just as she is… he keeps her at distance with one of his arms, but holding her firm with another hand… kind of “you’re mine!” message… and she seems to abandon herself to him… completely naked, completely his…it’s beautiful… it’s part of us…

It is well known that bodies have their own language and when you let yourself speak through them, you could reach high limits of intimacy, you become one with your loved one, you just melt one in each other and that’s it!!… you don’t need something else… at least for few minutes or few hours….

But life is made by more than those minutes, hours of sexual intimacy… it could bring you up, but it could bring you down also… just like a carousel… and yes, when you’re up, naked bodies are a beautiful way to celebrate life, but when it gets you down, the first one that should get naked is the soul. The first thing to do in order to survive is to show your weaknesses, your fears. To show yourself vulnerable. It is the only way to reach the light again and don’t fall deep in the dark. More you use methods for protection: ego or a happy mask, more you die inside… slowly, bur sure.


I am a very open person, I let my truth to come out of myself with such a childish easiness that sometimes people look weird at me, trying to tell me with their eyes that I should not do that so I don’t get hurt… cause for sure many of them will try to create a wound. This is the human being. She tries to survive by all means, so at some point she will use against you everything you said. So… they try to tell me that I should protect myself more.

But I wonder, how could somebody hurt you if there is no ego, there are no fears anymore? If you have all the power upon yourself since you’ve accepted and let yourself be just as you are? Of course, they could make your life harder, but they can’t really hurt you. And after all, this is the magic of life: you can feel the accomplishment when things don’t come easy. If they do, it is a well-known fact that you won’t feel the same satisfaction, the real joy. We are build this way. So what to be afraid of then?

In case of a man, I use my eyes to connect with his soul, and with words I try to do the same thing with his mind. If I feel that there is potential for more, then I let my body to connect with his body also. This is my kind of intimacy. Kind of a spiritual threesome: soul, mind, and also body.

I’ll try to see his soul naked, by showing my soul, with everything that is inside of it- good or bad- and only when I feel that a good connection is between me and the man with whom I am doing that, I try to connect at sexual level also. If all of those are good, then life happens! That is real intimacy for me! That is real acceptance! From there it comes real love! To have the courage to let yourself be, just as you are, with naked soul, naked mind, and naked body! That is real freedom of spirit, mind and body!

Cause what I know for sure is that when body is used before words, or words were used with sneaky intentions, all you feel afterward is emptiness, sort of a lack of intimacy, a lack of love… lack of life! So… who needs that anyway? 🙂