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It comes a moment in your life when you don’t dare… you just don’t dare to think that you could live in a dream or even worse, on a different land… the land of your soul…  it might be the most beautiful dream of your entire life, but in the end, just a dream… you don’t dare to admit that everything is too good to be true because everything seems so real and what you feel is so strong that it can’t be just a dream…  if so, who is going to wake you up when it’s all over? Who?

And then you start to be afraid… afraid that all these are going to slip through your fingers… or that you forgot your heart in a different house than yours… so you struggle to keep it in your arms, you sniff and go round and round like a mad dog in the places you used to go before, you fight to keep the feeling alive, and to feel that warmth again, but there is no access, no path, the past becomes a deep dark hole, the future a scary fog and all you have is the cold, rainy present…

It’s then when the pain puts you down in your knees and through your pain and the fire that seems to burn you deep inside, you start to wonder: where is the love? That love that turned the nights into days, the cold into heat, the fear into a joke, the scared you into a brave you, the tears into smiles, and the time into a passenger through your life? Where is the place where the thoughts of missing the other one become small colored soap bubbles disappearing in the atmosphere? Where is that side of nature where you could always get your hope back? Where is that land where you can send away your fears, ego, lack of trust and faith?

Where could it be, Stranger? Where?

Where else if not in that place where the water flows?