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“Zorro: Do you surrender?

Elena: Never, but I may scream.

Zorro: I understand. Sometimes I have that effect.”- The Mask of Zorro

I am trying to see this short dialogue in a different way… Zorro saying what Elena says and vice versa. And I smile hearing it in my mind… it’s funny… A woman being the hero of a man… 🙂

I am a fast decision maker… for the simple fact that I have a very good intuition and I’ve learned in time to understand its messages… even if I have a very analytic mind, my biggest life decisions I’ve made them using my intuition… There are no wrong or good decisions that I made… I have the strong believe that no matter which is the life path that we are choosing, all of us have the same destination. Just the travel is different.

Two times in my life I had this question in my head… two times I got in the point to want to spend my lifetime, to share everything that I feel with a man. I can’t say that I knew from the beginning why, but I felt at energetic level that this was it, I wanted to do this because we had a role to play together… short or long, it doesn’t matter… I felt that it was our time to do that… no complicated thinking process, just a feeling…

Both situations had something in common: a big forbidden sign coming from the man, either saying: “I already made that decision also, but I was just waiting for the perfect moment to say it to you”, either “I will never be your husband, lover, friend or anything else”. The difference: first time I waited for him to say it, second time I didn’t.

The result? I got married when I had patience to wait, and I didn’t when I was the one who said it… It was not even a question… it was more like “Marry me!”… You won’t believe it maybe, but I felt much happier when I was the one who did that…


Don’t get me wrong! It was a really romantic moment… the one to hear this question for the first time in my life… enjoying the wonderful view from last level of Eiffel tower, and saying yes, I will be your wife while he was putting a big, gold ring on my finger, but there was no magic… I felt at mental level the moment as being romantic, but I didn’t feel any sparkle in my soul… for the simple fact that I waited too much for that to happen… too much time from his side to think, to take the courage to do it…

In the second situation, I didn’t wait for the question, I was the one who said it and even the answer was no (I was expecting it to be like that), and even it was no ring, and even it was totally unappropriated and so not convenient, I must tell you: I was extremely happy to say it…  Right then, right in that way…

And now I cannot help thinking: why is that? Men want to make sure that this is a good decision and then to surprise the woman and choose the right moment for that. Women? Most of them already feel that this should be done, no matter if that is good or wrong, they just feel it is what it is supposed to happen, but either they pretend they don’t and wait nice for him to play his role, either indeed they get surprised, but not because they didn’t feel that they will get to that point, but because the man was very creative and the way he did it was a bit out of “normality”… but no matter how, when and why, at intuitive level she already felt something will happen… so…it’s not much of a surprise anyway, but she will be very relieved that finally it happened… the waiting time is over!

Great! Somehow predictable, but great! But I wonder: they say that the main purpose of a real man when having a serious relationship with a woman is to make her happy… why not giving her this chance, to pop up the question and to answer I do! when she does that? Maybe it would be the most wonderful, magical moment in her life, a moment that would make her extremely happy and that she will never forget… why not?

A woman has a better intuition than a man anyway and even if he says ”No, I don’t!”, she will have no regrets, cause as I said, there are no good or bad decisions, there are only life experiences that enriches us all…

After all, life is a game and in the end “we may lose, or we may win”, but for sure “we will never be here again” 🙂