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What if I’d say that I feel you? What if I’d know exactly in which nights you miss me more and you want to touch and embrace my half naked body while I’m sleeping? What if I don’t need to hear your words or to see your wild eyes anymore, so I can feel and hear your soul?

What if I’d say to you that no matter how much time passed since I hold you in my arms, I still feel like it was yesterday? What if it still feels like the first kiss, the first night we had together?

What if despite the fact that all the roads between us have been closed, some by me, some by you, some by others, I still “see” and “talk” to you in my dreams? What if I don’t even need a real road so I can reach you?

What if I’d say that even I am scared of everything that happens, I let myself go with this energetic flow? What if this love I have for you makes me feel alive? What if despite everything said and done, I believe that there is still a strong connection between me and you?

What if I’d tell you that I need you, that every cell of my body is desperately looking for yours? What if I’d know that your soul made a different choice than your body and mind and there is no way turning back?

What if you’d still turn the fire on? What if you would be my number one? What if you would be the only one that I want? What if I couldn’t stop loving you?

What if, Stranger? What IF?