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I’m small… I have exactly 161 cm and 49 kg. I am crazy about fries and I need meat in almost every lunch that I have. An entire kitchen shelf is occupied with sweets. I like chocolate, usually with peanuts, but it’s enough to know that I have it in the house… and this is why, usually I don’t eat too much of it… If I know I have no chocolate reserves, then I am desperate… I am capable to go in the middle of the night to a gas station and buy some, but in the end I will eat only a piece of it… The best drinks for me? Water and hot chocolate.

I like to sleep. Like others like food. In fact, I am in very special relationship with my bed. When I was a little girl, I was always laughing and becoming impatient when my mom was telling me in the evening “Who’s always waiting and calling for you??” and I was answering extremely happy “My bed!!!!”.

I love writing, and long walks taken all by myself because they give me the opportunity to think, to analyze and in this way I get my balance, silence and smile back after a tiring/stressful time. Though I like music and dancing, I don’t like crowded spaces and clubs. I am not very good at small talks, and I am usually quiet like a mouse when it’s about a group. Only if challenged, I would say my opinion about a certain thing, but usually I am just silent, listening to the others, practicing the acceptance without judging. I am afraid of the dark and of bad gypsies, but in Vienna I’ve relaxed a lot at this chapter. It’s a safe place from this point of view.

But most of all, I love to love you! In fact, I am craaaazzzzyyy about you. Yes!… you, Stranger!… That special man who would make me feel complete, who would bring in the same time the girl, the mother and the woman out of me, who would give me his support in what I do and feel, just to see me happy, who would cover my shoulders with his own jacket to protect me from being cold in a very romantic summer evening, but also from other men hungry looks, attracted by my body in a very sexy dress, who would make me gifts just… because…, who would make me smile like a guilty child when seeing him angry because of something that I’ve said or done wrong, who would make me cry because of missing him too much…

You would be the man with whom I would share my dreams, my hopes, my love, my bad moods, but also my positive energy, my funny sleepy face in an ordinary morning, but also intense and passionate nights together. You are the one that I would take care of.  And if you accepted and loved me just as I am, I would be capable to do anything for you, and nobody else could do a damn thing to stop that or to change my mind and soul when it comes for you. No other man, or woman… Nobody!

Because… you know, Stranger?… when it comes for love, even a mouse could become a giant… 🙂