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It’s part of me… After the air, water, and food, a good night sleep and love, it’s the next ingredient that I need in order to live, to smile or sometimes to cry. Take it from me one day and I will be very grumpy, restless and sad. For me words come easy through it. Feelings come even easier. I’ve learned to understand, to read myself and to give energy to my body thanks to it. I’ve discovered in it the easiest way to connect to myself, just listening a stranger’s voice only because everything he/she sings touches some emotional buttons that sometimes I don’t even know that exist in me.

“You’ve got a soul message!” it seems to say and I smile… With a curiosity of a child who just got a new toy, I listen to it, I analyze it carefully and I try to understand it… In my house or outside of it, I always need to hear some music in the background.

The sound of my soul’s music… It’s a way of self-expression, it’s an everyday ritual, and for me it’s even a way to meditate. I listen to it and I know what burns inside of me. I discover myself everyday through it. An endless inner puzzle, with an image that keeps changing under the touch of musical notes and lyrics of the songs I listen to. I always wondered why songs that I used to vibe to in the past, don’t say anything to me today at all or vice versa.

Reading some theories and studies in this matter, and after a very deep self analysis at this chapter, I realized in time that I could define myself one day after the music I listen that day. The process fascinates me. How complicated, unpredictable, but simple and wonderful in the same time a human soul can be! It makes me sigh of pleasure and to surrender in front of its intelligence and power to find its own way to express, to speak, to reveal its needs, its love.

Millions of people watched and appreciated the song “Rise like a Phoenix”. Today it says nothing to me, to be honest… And I think it takes a lot of courage to say loud and clear what you are, what you need, what you want without being afraid of society’s pressure and punishment that might come after you do that. But I can’t help wondering… How come that guy won this contest with this song? How come it touched so many people in the entire world? Is it because straight or not, he is the self expression of millions of people who are hiding their soul behind their colorful masks and would die to have the courage to do what this guy did, “to rise like a Phoenix”, to transform and make a radical change in order to reach their inner peace and happiness?

Well… if so, it seems that you need a strong powerful “flame” to let yourself “burned” by, from up to down, from inside to outside, to reach your basic human being levels, so you can touch the sky of your soul and not only.

I don’t know what name had this “flame” for the winner of Eurovision, but for me it has the name love in all its forms and on the sound of my soul’s music, it brings to me an everyday smile, positive energy, warmth and the naive, childish hope that this world has still a chance to become a better place to live in…

Hmm… I feel like salsa today… Don’t you? 🙂