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Right here and right now…not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, not after few weeks, not after few months from now on…Now!

Why? I don’t know…Because I want you? Because I need you? Because I like it? Because your wild spirit is getting me always wild…wilder than usual? Because the smell of the early summer from your hair is haunting me even in the coldest winter day? Because from the first time I looked into your eyes, I just lost myself in you?

Because you forgot your fingerprints on my body, and they are constantly burning it, teasing it even in your absence? Because I don’t know how to release myself of this overwhelming desire I feel for you, otherwise than falling into you? Because my mouth is so dry and thirsty that only by kissing yours I’d feel satisfied? Because I wake up every day smiling, thinking about you? Because I go to bed late in the night, fancying about the way we’d touch, kiss, want each other’s deepest parts of our bodies?

Because I desperately want you to make me yours again, and again until we’d be so exhausted that we would fall asleep only in few seconds after the moment when our hungry bodies would have reached the highest level of passion, self expression and pleasure? After we would have melted inside of each other?

Because nothing of what I just said can’t really express how much I miss you? Because I am in love with you? Because I like every little detail about you, even your simple gesture of taking your hand up to your mouth which seems to ask me “Are you hungry?”?

I am…today I really am….I am hungry of you, Stranger

Ohhh!!…what a sweet agony, what a painful silence, what a bitter taste of waiting for the right time, and the right way, to meet again, to touch our souls only with one look, to be only yours and you mine….

Come HOME, my love!…the LIGHT is on….I’m just waiting for you!