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Can’t describe it…I’ll leave that in the hands of those who made a passion for touristic guiding. They can really give you the right picture about it. They know the history behind every important building, every castle, every park or fancy restaurant. Pictures, details, events…everything you want, they can give it to you.

Me? I can tell you only that for me it was love at the first sight.

Here I heard the sound of silence on the streets in a Sunday afternoon, the fuss made by the tourists who enjoy their few shopping days in the Austrian capital, I felt for the first time the smell of the rainbow, the warmth and the pulse of the trees, the expensive perfumes in 1st district, the weird, heavy smell of the “ausländers” homemade food in 17th district, the bad smell of my neighbor’s “cigarettes”, the emptiness and loneliness in some people’s eyes, the terrifying fear of opening the gates of their soul, the simplicity of others, the nullity of the question “How are you?”, the mystery of Danube which runs quickly through this town, taking with her the sweet, passionate summer kisses, hugs and untold love stories of those troubled souls who come here regularly to find their peace back, and maybe some answers…I don’t exaggerate maybe if I’d say that Danube is giving life to this city like the heart does to a body…


It is being said that Austria is the heart of Europe…I smile..no wonder I feel like HOME in Vienna, its capital…no wonder here I feel safe even if, since I came, I constantly dance on the string between “normal” and “abnormal” or what they call society standards and my own ideas of living, satisfying my own pleasures, my constant need of adrenaline and adventure, trying to find the answers for the questions I have in my mind and soul…Here I found the right balance between the girl, the woman, and the mother in me…My heart beats faster, my eyes shine brighter, and I can’t help smiling almost every day on the street, apparently with no reason…

An irresistible attraction, my inner voice saying “That’s it! This is what I have to do!”, a backpack, a flight ticket….and that was it. My life changed forever. I changed forever…

Because here I fell for the first time in my life, crazy, madly, deeply and irreversibly in love with…MYSELF! 🙂