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It starts with a flirt….More or less, everybody flirted at some point with somebody…a smile, a certain body language that says “I like you”, a specific look in the eyes of potential lovers who meet and they make the “connection”…those sweet few moments from the beginning….I love it! So pure, so simple, so not guilty and why not?! so childish…..sometimes you might not recognize the signs, or you are even too afraid to pay attention to those, but for sure the potential partner, being more initiated than you, will introduce you in the seduction game

Flirting is part of our lives…we all do it…it’s part of us….sometimes we do it out of curiosity, sometimes without even realizing it, other times just for fun, for the pleasure of teasing the other one, but also for the need of confirming that we still know the rules of the game…

Sometimes you like the game so much and you enjoy each level, that maybe out of curiosity you want to make a step further…and start a friendship (with or without “benefits” ) to get to know each other better…then you grow in love and then you want to try a relationship…but suddenly the rules of the game complicate so much that you realize one thing: in order to function, to survive, to have a true partnership, love would never be enough…love was the way to live those happy moments that brought light and life into your soul….how come now pure, sweet love would not be enough?!…You love each other so much! What’s missing? In the end no matter which are the reasons, sometimes breaking up is inevitable…


Most of the breakups finish with a psychological war because of wounded egos and wounded souls…how fast we forget that out of nothing we “made love” by creating an unique connection between two souls and bodies that they were meant to travel together for a while, to learn some lessons, to grow up together! How easy we remain stuck in that negative feeling and need of revenge….cause that is the only thing that it confirms to us that everything we felt, we had was real!

So much pain would vanish faster if only we knew how to live and enjoy the last sweet seduction moment…that should end with a warm hug and a smile, and maybe few tears in the corner of your eye, not of sadness, but because of being grateful to the Universe that the other one made part of your life, of yourself…even if just for a while…

Sometimes the precious moment of taking Goodbye! could bring more in our personal development than even the first Hello!