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They are like glow-worms…you see them for short, but isn’t it?! such precious moments, they shine bright and bring warm light in your eyes and in your soul and you feel suddenly like a child, full of joy for seeing such tiny, unexpected creatures in the middle of the night, flying around you, making you smile…you’ll follow them with your third eye in their mysterious world after they disappear, and you’ll try to refresh that unique feeling you had by seeing them…sometimes you will wait in silence, holding your breath, hearing your own heartbeats to check if they come back…they don’t…not the same ones…but in another night, you might have the chance to see/ to feel some others…if you believe, if you have patience

I’ve been asked recently what happiness represents for me…this is how I’d define the moments of happiness…and I believe with every cell of my heart that love is the only way to bring light where it was dark, warmth where it was cold, joy where it was sadness, peace where it was war, a reason to live where it was emptiness and loneliness, order where it was chaos…in one word: LIFE!


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