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There is this spread around the world idea that women might not be such good drivers comparing to men… to be honest, partially, I agree with it… there are some women that should better avoid the wheel and never touch it again…

But there are some who are really passionate about driving and also very good at it. I for example had the courage to drive alone more than 2000 km in a couple of days just because I liked driving very much. I am not really mad about speed, but I am not too slow either and I drive for pleasure… meaning, I enjoy it while respecting the “rules” also…

I noticed in time that when in love, men relate to a woman just like to their car. If they are into her, they are taking care of her, making sure every day that she is in the best shape ever, shining and smiley, BUT also they wanna make HER sure that they are the one sitting on the driver’s seat.

And here’s come the conflict with a woman like me. Almost always… don’t think I met until now a man to be intuitive enough to understand and accept the fact that I like driving too. Not all the time, not on daily basis, but maybe let’s say… when the man feels like taking a break, have a drink or two when going together to a party or he is too tired to focus on life, generally speaking.  It helps to have a partner able to take the wheel and drive him HOME safe. Sure… he can call a cab too, but I am pretty sure he won’t have wild, passionate sex with the driver of the taxi afterwards either or hold his hand in bed during the night, as a gesture of tenderness, love and feeling of security of having someone dear right next to him.

A woman like me is not made to be ruled, driven or controlled. A woman like me DOESN’T want to rule, control or drive either… even if the instinct is there and sometimes it tempts her, especially if she feels the man is weak enough and he has no idea how to deal with life issues… a woman like me is made to enjoy life with and right next to her. She can take care of her own shit, but she will expect the same from his side. When needed, of course, being there for each other is critically in order to build a healthy and strong relationship, based on love, trust and respect for each other.

But she doesn’t need you to baby sit her and even less to show her who’s the boss. Cause she will let you drive the car, yes and she will smile at you kind and wild from the right seat where you want her to ALWAYS stay, but right after, with all the risks included she will jump out of the car…

And that… “HONEY”, in my case… it’s a fact! 😊


woman driving the car

Losing control…


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… in love, in passion and sometimes in life too… the best moments and memories I’ve  lived were when I let myself loose… when I let myself driven by instinct, a feeling that made my mind giving in even if it was completely against the action I was about to do… in the end it always gave up… it had to… I was already in the “waterfall” and it just had to cooperate with my soul’s or body’s masterpiece…

I let myself going with the flow and I had the chance to meet people that transformed my life or on the contrary… I changed their life forever… no way to turn back, to be the one I or them used to be once…

Each time I find myself in “the jungle”, the feeling is amazing… I love the chase, the hunt, the mix of feelings, but now at my almost 35 years old is even more beautiful than ever because now I can recognize the signs… now I don’t struggle too much, and if I do it, I do it for the pleasure of the game…

I love to wait for the real things cause when I find them, I am driving crazy, but in a very nice way… sometimes it takes years for that. It doesn’t happen too often to see something that I like… but when I see it, I just have to have it! I let myself go with the flow and it feels like flying in the water, if that is even possible to imagine… for me it becomes a reality… I float and fly in the same time… I burn inside of pleasure for that man, all I can think about is to become his prey and the passion that comes along makes me innovative, naughty, wild, but patient, kind, but a “bad” woman in the same time… in a word… beautiful…

The lioness hidden in me would suddenly wake up and take the control… the most importantly? The man that has this effect on me inspires me in such a way that others before couldn’t do it and for that I am grateful to him…  for the fire I feel inside, the sparkle, the magic, the game, the kindness and warmth he gives to me, for driving me wild and crazy…

And all I have to do when he comes along is to… lose CONTROL!

Loveheimer 🙂

Eat, sleep… play!


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To be an ADULT… one of the few things which still intrigue me at this age…

To be honest, I was never curious to find out, but somehow I always wondered what the hell that means… during the last few years I decided to dig deeper for the answer and I think I finally figured it out. I think I had an epiphany these days or something 🙂

So… as it seems, an adult makes and plans money. If he is smart and hard working enough. If not, he is an “irresponsible adult”, a loser or just… a “nobody”. Whatever… let’s stick to the “positive” scenario.

That’s one thing. Then, an adult is that one stupid enough to think he can deal with another human being when he can barely deal with himself. He can’t! He just has a gigantic advantage of being with a lot of years ahead that child and then is a matter of time, not necessarily of wisdom. That is what I call cheating. But even so, I bet that kid gives him breathless life lessons from time to time. Chess!

An adult doesn’t say what the hell he feels. He THINKS a lot though and he says what he thinks most of the cases, but not what he FEELS. There are some modern- adults too… those who learned how to say “I feel now that you… x and y…” but you can still feel it is kind of fake when they do that.

Kids are doing it very well though. They cry when they are sad, they yell when they are angry, they laugh when they are happy. Best way to really mean what you say when you speak about your feelings is to be CHILDISH. There is no other way, if you ask me. Anything but that is just a psychological bubble bullshit which bores me to death. It makes me yawn too… literally… I swear 😊

An adult barely does what he really wants and with the age he forgets to satisfy his basic needs. He spends time, brain and sometimes money to read bullshits about how to be successful and happy when there is a very simple answer that any CHILD could give it to him if he was WISE enough to listen to him.

An adult is that one who denies love. Big time! He talks about it in a very nice way, but fakes it better than an orgasm.  I did that in my not so often adult moments too. Big mistake! Actually I am still doing it right now. Damn! I think I got the adult disease too… more I think about it, more I’m afraid I got it!

Afraid! An adult is afraid. Of everything! Not having enough money, the right job, the ideal husband or wife, divorce, light, dark… EVERYTHING! Including LOVE!

How do I feel when I have ADULT moments? The feeling is exactly like when catching a bad cold. Everything seems to be in pain. Mind, body, soul. But, as a very dear person used to say once to me, when that happens, I just leave my “head down” for a couple of …  days, weeks, years… have no idea… until the “cold” passes… I noticed though that somehow, with the age it seems I don’t heal so fast as I used to.

But then I look at my daughter. Great kid. Feeling lucky to be her mother. She is the one who remembers me that being an adult is such a bullshit most of the times… she shows me everyday that happiness is inside of us, it never leaves us and it never will…  she is the one who teaches me lessons everyday. Happiness lessons!

She is the one who shows me everyday that all we have to do to be happy is to just… EAT, SLEEP, PLAY!

If you ask me, at the end of the day, all the adults are anyway just some big boys and girls playing with money and nothing more!

Loveheimer 🙂